Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Lotta' Church

We got to do dinner with our nephew last night and invited him to go with us to church this morning and again this evening. He questioned us and said, "You're going in the morning and again at night? That's a lotta' church for one day!" We teased him about it, but he went with us this morning and is coming again tonight.

My nephew was not "raised" going to church and so he may go to a church here or there occasionally on Sunday morning, but that's about it. I understand how that's "a lotta' church" for him in one day. However, it's sad to me when people claim to be committed to the Lord and call themselves Christians and yet, think it too much church in one day to go to worship twice on the Lord's day. They have too many other things they feel they need to do. All too often we think it's quite acceptable that we give God one hour out of our week while we spend 50-60 hrs. a week amassing money to buy stuff and 10-20 hrs. a week pursuing entertainment. I realize we all must work and provide for the necessities of life, but many of us work overtime so we can simply have more stuff and neglect the worshipping of our God. Have we stopped to think, "Is He pleased?"

I hope and pray over time my nephew can come to know the Lord and begin to worship Him often as He has commanded. Do you really know the Lord? Are you worshipping as He has commanded or is that a lotta' church in one day?

Dana Burk

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