Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tragedy in the Sky

Well, after a long trip to the Caribbean, a major systems crash on my computer (that I'm still not sure is over) and then a major "systems crash" with me and my asthma, I have been rather neglectful with this site. My apologies and I hope to do better (if I can stay out of the hospital with this asthma attack which is always somewhat questionable).

My daughter just called me in tears to tell me that one of the co-owners and his wife of the company she worked for 3 years ago, were killed in the airline crash on Sunday in Lexington, KY. Our daughter was very, very close to him and his wife and their one daughter (about her age). She had spent countless hours in their home and he had been instrumental in training her in her career--he had been her mentor. His wife had taken an interest in her as well and had welcomed her into their home as part of the family. Our daughter would house sit for them from time to time and even baby-sit the dog when they were away. Needless to say she is devastated.

But the thing she expressed that has torn her up the most, is knowing they had never obeyed the gospel by being baptized into Christ and becoming members of His church. They were lovely people, kind and good, but were not Christians as the Bible defines. It is so difficult to loose those we love and truly that is magnified when we know they are not ready to meet their maker. I told her all she can do now is pray for God's mercy.

It is at times like these that I am reminded how urgent the need is for us to take the gospel to ALL those that we love. It is imperative that we strive to teach any and all that we have any influence upon before it is too late. But even then it is the choice of each individual as to whether they will see that need and respond or not. Our daughter had spoken many times to this man and his wife about what she believed the Bible taught on salvation and yet they did not accept it. Now they are in the hands of a merciful and just God. How much more tragic would this be for my daughter had she never mentioned Him to her friends.

Dana Burk

What are you doing to teach your friends and loved ones about the gospel?

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