Friday, September 01, 2006

What a Great Time

Well, I have landed in the hospital after a week of struggling with my asthma--was admitted around 10:00 this morning. But what a great time we live in. Around 4:30 this afternoon, a computer person came to my hospital room and hooked me up to their wireless network system. Is this too cool. I can work even when I'm sick--maybe good maybe not.

We DO live in a great time though. Just last week my husband and I were across the ocean some 2500 miles away, give or take a few, and yet were able to communicate with those at home via cell phone and computer. Then we left the islands one morning and were home by lunch time. My husband communicates with brethren via the internet and phone in foreign countries on an almost daily basis. What incredible opportunities we have set right before us.

How are we using this great time for the Lord? Are we so busy using our modern conveniences and communication devices to entertain ourselves that we do not see the opportunities to spread the gospel and encourage others that lie right in front of us. There are so many opportunities to teach and admonish others via the internet and with text messaging, e-mails and blogs like this one not to mention the conveniences we all have with the advent of cell phones. In fact, it is hard to get away from them. How have you used technology to encourage someone today?

I know the frustrations with airports and the hassles of security, but look where we can go and who we can influence in just a few short hours. There are still many areas in the world that are perfectly safe to travel to and as Americans we have few restrictions. How are we using these opportunities for the Lord? I think of how Paul and others in the NT spent months and sometimes even years to travel to different countries to admonish the brethren to grow in the Lord and the hassles we face aren't even worth consideration when compared to what they suffered. We can make those same types of trips in a matter of a few hours. We all can find the money and time to travel for vacation, but few of us find time and money to travel to teach others about the Lord. Many times, we choose to stay home and stay comfortable. Can you step out of your comfort zone to reach out to others beyond our borders?

What a great time we live in. To whom much has been given, much will be required. How are you using your advantages?

Dana Burk

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