Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bulletin Boards for Adult Classes

Sometimes I think we forget the importance of our wall space in adult classrooms. Adults like color and visuals as well as kids and there is certainly the opportunity to teach important principals or carry out the theme of the quarter on a blank canvas; a bulletin board. When we allow an adult classroom to be four blank walls, we may also be sending a message that this class is not really all that important.

I often like to take a scripture and illustrate it on the computer and then make my images oversized by tiling them onto several sheets of paper (most graphics programs offer a tiling feature) and then glue them together like a puzzle. Above are a couple of recent bulletin boards I have done for some of our adult classrooms where I worship. I apologize for the picture quality but I think you'll get the point. These bulletin boards are approximately 3 feet by 6 1/2 feet in size. I encourage you to use your imagination and brighten and enlighten the classrooms where you are.

Dana Burk

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