Thursday, March 16, 2006

God's Way to a 4 year-old

The church where my 4 year old grandson goes has just begun a new curriculum emphasizing God's way versus Satan's way. My daughter-in-law says that my grandson now goes around telling his 16 month old sister that she is going Satan's way every time she gets into something she is not supposed to.

The other day he got into trouble for something and his mother asked him which way he was going. Very confidently and almost proudly he declared, "I'm goin' Satan's way." She then queried, "Which way are you supposed to be going?" She told us he dropped his head and very somberly mumbled, "God's way".

Sometimes I think we are like my grandson; we would really rather be going Satan's way though we know we should be going God's way. I don't guess it necessarily gets any easier the older we get. Which way are you "goin'?"

Dana Burk

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