Saturday, March 25, 2006

Check Out These Links

I ran across two websites this week that are sure worth your time to check out. One is This sister from the Nashville area has a great Bible timeline for kids available for sale on her website as well as a couple of games.

The other site is That is a long one or you could just go to the and then work your way to the Women of Gentle Spirits page. This is a women's page done by a sister out of Indiana and there is a great resource page for teachers. There must be 20 or more web sites listed for Bible class aids. The is a book publisher. The books for sale on this site were written and published by brethren. Check it out. Great web page.

I hope to have these sites added on the right over there under my favorite links in the next day or two. Hope these are of benefit to you.

Dana Burk

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