Thursday, March 23, 2006

VBS Caribbean Style

Once again in July, we will be heading down to the island of Dominica in the Eastern Caribbean to the small village of Vielle Case where we will be helping the church of Christ there with a VBS. Two years ago was our first time to go and we had 25 children each day. Last year we had about 40 children attend and this year the church is expecting even more.

At this point there are six of us planning to go: my husband and a young man who is working with the congregation where we attend, two young ladies who are students at Florida College, a sister from Montgomery, AL and myself. I'm certain we could have as many as 60 children so we could sure use some extra help.

If you would be interested in going and have the time and means for a week away please let me know. Your main expense will be the airfare--from Tampa to Dominica the cost is about $600. We will be staying in a guest house up the road from the church building that will be $20 a night per person. Basically that will be it. We will all be taking some food and at most you might want $100 or so for misc. Leave me a comment at the bottom of this post if interested and I'll get back in touch with you.

If you have never been to a remote place like this before to work with other brethren, this can be a life changing experience. Pray for our efforts.

P.S. You will need a Passport to travel to Dominica and back

Dana Burk

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