Monday, March 06, 2006

Practice What You Preach!

I ran across this poem the other day and thought it graphically illustrates how we must "practice what we preach."

  • I was hungry
  • and you formed a humanities club
  • and discussed my hunger.
  • Thank you.

  • I was imprisoned
  • and you crept off quietly
  • to your chapel in the cellar
  • and prayed for my release.

  • I was naked
  • and in your mind you
  • debated the morality of my
  • appearance.

  • I was sick
  • and you knelt and thanked God
  • for your health.

  • I was homeless
  • and you preached to me
  • of the spiritual shelter of the
  • love of God.

  • I was lonely
  • and you left me alone--
  • to pray for me.

  • You seem so holy;
  • So close to God;
  • But I'm still very Hungry,
  • and lonely,
  • and cold.

(Author unknown)

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