Friday, March 10, 2006

Pray For My Friend

I have a friend who was found unconscious in her apartment this morning. She is an elderly lady who lives in an assissted living facility. The special thing about this friend is her age and incredible outlook on life.

She is nearly ninety and is in constant pain from arthritis. But she never misses a service at church. She is there for every Bible class and all the worship services pushing her walker right in front of her. You can tell by her face she is in pain, but whenever you ask her how she is, she always replies, "I'm hangin' on." How that makes me smile. I have never heard her complain. She is just hangin' on.

What a tremendous example she has been to me. When I don't feel my best I think of my sweet friend and I know she will be at church worshiping her Lord and it encourages me to be there with her. Pleas pray for my friend.

Dana Burk

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