Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Will Spring Ever Come

Tol's (my husband's) article in Sunday's bulletin was titled "Will Spring Ever Come" and the young man who gave the talk at our Wednesday Night Bible study expounded on it somewhat. He talked about how we must wait for God to work and answer our prayers in His time, just as we must wait for Spring to come--in His time. As he talked it made me think about another aspect of "Will Spring Ever Come?"

As we go through this life and trials come and go, we often become weary and begin to wonder, "Is this all there is; one trial after another?" Sometimes life can begin to feel like one very long winter and we may begin to ask, "Will Spring ever come?" As Christians, we always have hope of "Spring". Our Heavenly Father has promised us that there is rest for the weary in a home where there will be no more trials: no sickness, no pain, no sorrow (can you imagine) and no tears. We will finally have eternal Spring.

I get very excited, every day, this time of year, as each day brings new buds and new leaves. Today we saw a whole grove of trees completely leafed out. Spring has arrived and it is a time of renewal and life. That is what Heaven will be like. We will have a new body (thank goodness) and the energy and strength to enjoy the wonders of our new life in our new home. What hope we have as children of God. God has promised us "Spring".

Dana Burk

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