Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Prayer for Good Housekeeping

Lord, it is not the dirt and clutter in plain sight that nag at me.
It's that hidden know, behind the refrigerator, in the closets, under the bed.
Dirt that no one sees or knows about but me.

It's the same way with my life, God.
It's those hidden sins that I can't keep up with...those
Petty little grievances, the grudges, the resentments,
The unspoken harsh feelings, the superior attitudes.
Thoughts and feelings that no one else knows about but
Me......and You, God.
Help me, Father, to clean my heart as I would my home.
Take away all dust and cobwebs of pride, ill feelings and prejudice.
The dirt behind my refrigerator will never hurt anyone.
The dirt in my heart will.

This is a prayer we all need to pray from time to time. How easy it is to hide, even from ourselves the sins in our hearts--the cobwebs that linger up in the corners and crevices of our minds. After reading this, I'm sure I need to do some soul searching and clean out the hidden areas in my heart--how about you?

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