Friday, March 03, 2006

Sinners Among Us

"We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another." (Jonathan Swift)

The above quote I'm afraid is all too familiar. I am just reading an e-mail I received from someone who is confiding about how their relative has been recieved by brethren at church where they go. The relative is not a Christian and is obviously living in sin. Apparently, some of the members have shunned this visitor and even talked behind their back about their lifestyle. Needless to say, the talk has come back around to the visitor. Now, how does my friend handle this tough situation?

We as Christians are sometimes so incredibly judgemental and self-righteous. We have learned to hate sin but we have not learned to love the sinner. A growing church should have all kinds of people in it. It should have mature, righteous Christians, babes in Christ who make messes and hopefully it will also have non-Christians, who are full of sin, visiting to check out what God is all about, like this relative of my friend. And we as Christians, need to treat them all with love and be glad they are among us. Where else will they learn what they need to do to be the kind of people God wants them to be?

The next time you see an obviously worldly, sinful person come into the church, make sure you show them you love them and are glad they are there. You are glad they are there, aren't you?
Dana Burk

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